Advertising Your Gym in the Local Area

Your gym is amazing. You know it, we know it. But how do you get customers to come in and check it out? Getting people in the door is half the battle – by following these simple guidelines, you’ll have the locals busting down your door in no time!


Develop a clear strategy


Understanding exactly who your customers are or who your customers could be is the first step to any marketing endeavour. Taking a look at your existing membership, as well as the demographics of the surrounding area will determine your customer base.


Once you know who it is you’re selling to, you can start to make decisions about what direction your marketing is going to take.


Social media


The global is local, and the local is global. The rise of social media in the past decades has rapidly changed the media and marketing landscape in ways which no one could have predicted. It is somewhat counterintuitive, but the internet is often the best way to reach a local audience. Investing in the development of a lively Facebook page, or a well stocked Youtube channel allows for rapid and responsive interactions with your local community.


Networking with other local businesses


One of the easiest ways to attract new members to your gym is speaking to the businesses located around your gym. This can range from offering discounted memberships to local employees, to getting to know the barista at your favourite cafe. Developing these networks can take time, but pays dividends in the long term. Developing promotions that tie in with local businesses is a surefire way to increase membership (and the odd free coffee doesn’t hurt).


Flyers and other promotional material


Despite the massive shift towards online marketing in recent years, print media is still a massive market. Due to their inherently geographically restricted nature, newspapers and flyers are particularly effective in reaching local markets.


Investing in a print run of flyers offering sign-up specials, or advertising local events, is a great way to quickly and effectively generate interest in your gym, especially when you’re first starting out.


If your local demographic is leaning towards the older end of the spectrum, it can also be worthwhile to invest in newspaper advertisements. These ads are cost-effective, and have the potential to reach a massive and very targeted audience.


Supporting local community groups and events


There’s something very satisfying about seeing your business’s name on the back of a jersey (even if it is just the local U12 Quidditch team). Demonstrating this sort of community involvement has value that really can’t be easily measured in dollar terms. The amazing success of the Bunnings sausage sizzle demonstrates just how powerful community group oriented marketing can be. In addition, by sponsoring local events and groups, you are provided with an opportunity to network with other local business owners and potential clients – never a bad thing.


Running promotions and competitions


Organising events and competitions in your gym is probably the best way to introduce prospective members to your premises. There are tonnes of great ideas out there – from running training days for local sporting events, to organising your own competitions. The key here is taking into consideration your local market. Near a uni with a lively rockclimbing scene? Offer a grip strength competition with some small cash prizes. Surrounded by offices full of powerlifting junkies? Time for a bench press comp!


Stand out from the crowd


Even if your marketing strategy is absolutely perfect, the key here is providing a service which is different from your competitors, and letting the market know that.


Whether it’s your amazing PTs or your ridiculously large assortment of kettlebells – let your customers know what makes your business special. When it comes to owning a Fitstop franchise, that’s a whole damn lot!


If you have a passion for fitness, and love standing out from the crowd, why not look into joining the Fitstop franchising family? Visit for more information.

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