Five Podcasts Every Fitness Business Owner Should Listen To

If you live and breathe fitness, why not listen to it to? Podcasts are a great way to keep learning while your hands are busy, be it at work, in the car, or in the gym. The following podcasts are entertaining insights into the state of the fitness industry today.


1.   The Fitness Industry Podcast – Australian Fitness Network

The fitness industry podcast is number one on this list for a very simple reason. It kicks ass. Anyone working in the Australian fitness industry should be listening to this podcast, which provides a massive range of locally produced, relevant and interesting content. The podcast is updated regularly, and there is a pretty big backlog of episodes to work through – 47 at the time of writing. The episodes are free, so there is no excuse to miss out.

Must listen episode – The business of fitness in 2017

The Power of Niche with Justin Tamsett

This episode is pretty eye opening, and an absolute must listen for anybody interested in leveraging technology to maximise the effectiveness and profitability of their fitness business. Download the episode here

For more episodes, check out the iTunes store.


2. Mel Tempest’s Gym Owner’s Podcast

Mel Tempest is an Australian fitness industry guru, with a massive social media following and some out of this world tips and news updates which are super valuable for anyone working in the fitness industry. While her series has a very broad range, there is always something valuable to Australian gym owners and anyone interested in the Fitness industry.Whether you’re just starting out, or have been in the industry for years, this podcast has something to offer. Browse the series here.

Must listen episode – Success With Older Adults in Gyms

Creating an ideal environment for a range of skill and fitness levels can be a hard task, as all Gym Owners know. This episode sees Mel interviewing Cheye, who is the manager at Goldfields Oasis Kalgoorlie-Boulder. Cheye runs a program targeted at the older community that involves not just your standard group class but also includes virtual group fitness classes, working alongside allied health professionals. The episode demonstrates just how powerful passion and innovation can be in this industry.


3. Barbell Business

Barbell business is a great fitness industry podcast, with a more North American emphasis than the first two items in our list. The podcast has a massive backlog of episodes, each showcasing a different industry expert, providing insight into all manner of concepts, from fad diets to the latest in interval training and supplements. The best way (in our opinion) to work through this series, is to focus on episodes that cater to your interests. Some episodes can have a tendency to go into very specific details about quite niche topics – which is great sometimes, but can get a little bit pedantic! Don’t let this discourage you though – overall, Barbell Business is a great podcast, aimed at gym owners and trainers alike.

To browse the episode list, check out the Barbell Business website.

Must listen episode – Extending The Client Lifecycle with Casey Jenks

This episode exemplifies everything we love about this podcast. Casey goes into great detail, explaining one of the hardest things every gym needs to do – maximising subscription renewal. Casey is the designer of Fitbot – an application designed to create and manage personal training programs, and he does a very convincing job of demonstrating how tech can drive member retention.


4. The Fitness Business Podcast

With almost 200 episodes of high quality content, the Fitness Business Podcast is a great way to keep up to date with the latest news and innovations in the fitness world. The Podcast is hosted by a number of experienced Gym owners, so you know that the content is relevant and accurate. What’s more, the podcast manages to be pretty entertaining to boot!

The series is available in the iTunes store, or through the Fitness Business Podcast Website.

Must listen episode – Developing a Social Media Strategy for Your Business

This episode deals with Sam Mutimer – Director of Social Media at Thinktank Social. A former member of England’s national rugby team, Sam shares a fascinating story of the transition from sports to social media. This episode is great, as it has an Australian focus, and offers some really cool insights into developing your gym’s SM strategy.

Listen here.


5. Small Business War Stories

While this podcast is not aimed specifically at the fitness industry, it still has so much to offer that we decided to include it anyway. The podcast features a different small business owner every week, and is funny, sad and inspiring all at once.

You’ll love it. Trust us.

Check it out.

Must listen episode – Atomic Athlete: Growing Stronger with Purpose-Driven Fitness Training in Austin, Texas

This episode is just amazing, and shows just how quickly a gym can take off if you have drive and determination. Inspiring stuff.

Check out the episode on the website.


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