How to Create an Amazing Event for Your Gym’s Opening Day

The moment has finally arrived. All your hard work and effort is approaching completion, and you’re wondering… How can I make my business successful from day one?


While it can be stressful organising major events, there’s no need to worry. Just give yourself a solid pat on the back for getting this far, and follow these essential tips to creating an unforgettable opening day at your gym.


1. Marketing



There’s nothing worse than throwing a party, only to have no one turn up. Use this opportunity to get as many people in the door as possible – word of mouth is king when it comes to attracting new members to your gym, so investing time and effort in marketing your opening will pay dividends in the months to come. We have a number of great articles available on our Fitstop site that offer in depth guides on maximising the effect of your local area marketing – but here are some quick pointers:



  • Tweet like hell – Social media is a cost-effective and influential way of advertising your business. Get started by building a gallery of construction photos and videos, and sharing posts related to fitness and nutrition (share this article if you like!) Check out the Fitstop facebook page for ideas for fitness related content.


  • Promos work – Offering opening day membership deals is a tried and true method for developing your initial membership base. These clients will be invaluable in providing the feedback and insight needed for long-term success, so don’t be afraid to go all out.
  • Be a high flyer – Handing out flyers in the local area isn’t just a great excuse to get out in the sunshine. Meeting people directly gives you a chance to leverage your enthusiasm and charisma (come on, don’t be modest).




The most important thing to remember is that you need to offer an incentive, as well as a clear location, date and time, in all your promotional material. There’s no point sending a message to people if they can’t use it!

2. Make it a spectacle


One of the easiest ways to get people excited about something is to appeal to their competitive side. Running opening day challenges or competitions gets people talking about your gym. Something simple, like a push up challenge, or a rowing machine tournament, will provide an opportunity for you to mingle with locals and to show off your shiny new equipment. Try to choose a challenge or competition that can be run all day, and offer prizes like memberships and t-shirts.


3 . VIP night


Consider holding a special VIP night function prior to opening day. This can be used as an incentive to join your gym’s Facebook page, or to follow you on Instagram – offering invitations in return for likes will attract lots of attention – especially if there’s free pizza involved.


Creating an atmosphere of excitement and exclusivity will foster customer loyalty and is a great excuse to grab a cheeky beer with your friends and family before the big day. Don’t forget to take heaps of photos – the VIP night is a great way to remind people about opening day!


4 . Opening day? More like opening WEEK!


Invariably there will be some people who can’t make it to the launch day. In order to maximise your initial membership base, consider extending launch day deals in the weeks following opening, in order to attract people who missed out, or didn’t receive promotional materials. When starting out, it’s always better to have more members than less, even if they aren’t immediately profitable.

5. Plan for the best


With all these great strategies, there is the possibility that you will attract too many customers to your opening day. To avoid disappointment, make sure that you plan for this. Make sure you have extra staff on hand, as well as plenty of promotional materials and signup forms!

Make your first foray into the world of gym ownership a successful one. To kick start your future in the fitness industry, head over to

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