How to Keep Your Gym Premises in Amazing Shape

There really is nothing worse than stepping foot into a gym and quickly realising it absolutely STINKS. Usually a million questions start buzzing through your mind – when was the last time this place was professionally cleaned? Am I going to catch something from this place? Is it ME that smells like that?


The International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association has written an absolutely awesome cleanliness guide that’s filled with statistics on why you should keep your gym spotless. Customers reported an 83% satisfaction rating when they belonged to a gym that they perceived as ‘well cleaned’, however this fell down to 43% when the gym was perceived to be unclean, with retention falling from 90% to as low as 52%.


So, it’s pretty obvious that keeping your gym smelling and looking fresh, hygienic and tidy is an absolute must. We’ve put together some tips for regular maintenance and cleaning that will keep your gym in tip top shape.


Get everything you need to do in order


It’s important to have a well thought-out list of everything that is required in your gym to keep it in immaculate condition. A good way to organise everything is by making a timeline of the tasks that need to be done every couple of hours (such as disinfecting the equipment, checking the changing rooms etc.) and then working your way towards the cleaning tasks that need to be done weekly or monthly (such as checking equipment for tears and deep cleaning carpeted areas). From here, you can allocate a staff roster to make sure everything gets done in a timely manner.


Make sure your staff are trained and you have the right equipment


Whenever you onboard a new staff member, make sure they’re thoroughly versed in the daily and long-term cleaning practices and procedures for your club. Let them know if they always need to quickly run a vacuum over the floor when their class is finished. Let them know if it’s their responsibility to check the equipment daily or if you’d prefer it was more of a weekly thing. Laying out the cleaning ground rules right from the start will mean your staff will have no excuse for skipping their duties.


It’s also important to make sure you have all the right equipment for cleaning. Make sure you’re always stocked with disinfectant (in both spray and liquid form), hand wipes, paper towels, and all the scrubs and sponges you need to keep your gym looking good.


Consider hiring a professional cleaning service


A seriously wise move would be to hire a professional cleaning service one a month (or once a week depending on the layout and size of your gym) to give your space a really deep clean. Not only is this necessary for keeping hygiene levels up and sanitising the public facility, it will also make sure your gym is looking spick and span with only minimal effort from yourself or staff… So you can focus on the stuff you’re passion about – training people to be healthier and happier!


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