How to Market Your Personal Training Business to Different Types of People

When starting your personal training business, it’s important to decide whether you’re going to want to focus your services on one specific niche market, or if you’re going to take a more ‘come one come all’ approach. For example, you may want to exclusively train powerlifters and bodybuilders, or you may want to focus on women’s weight loss, or group outdoor boot camps. The options are endless!


While there are pros and cons to both avenues, it’s vital that you tailor your marketing and branding efforts to whichever route you choose to go down. We’ve put together some tips for how to market your personal training services to different groups of people, to ensure you’re really communicating with the right target market.


Marketing to first-time exercisers or those new to fitness


When it comes to exercise, getting started (as I’m sure we all know) is often the biggest hurdle. And that’s why personal training is so amazingly valuable for those who haven’t been very active in the past. You’ll be able to guide and teach your client how to work their way around a gym, as well as pushing them to achieve their best so they can get that boost of confidence (as well as the awesome rush of endorphins!)


For first-time gym-goers, a more personal marketing approach always works best. They may want to come to you in their own time in a relatively private way, so make sure you make it easy for them to contact you, whether this be through phone, email or text. Your website should be designed in a way to facilitate and motivate people to contact you, having a simple enquiry form box at the bottom of each page for the viewer to scroll down to after they’ve read the content.


Marketing to bootcampers or larger groups of people


If group training is your thing, then you’re going to want to be marketing to groups of people rather than individuals (obviously). A great way to do this is to think about where people might want to train together, such as friends from university or colleagues from an office. You could organise to do a presentation in an office to gather interest about lunchtime bootcamps in a nearby park from the people who work there, or you could volunteer to run a free bootcamp on a university campus and then hand out pamphlets. Get creative with your thinking and think about what people want to see from you and your service!


Marketing to serious athletes such as powerlifters or bodybuilders


If you’re passionate about a specific style of training and are wanting to narrow your market to target only serious athletes, then a thought leadership approach will be the one for you. People who are really into their training don’t take their choice of personal trainer lightly, and you’re going to need to build up your reputation by showcasing your knowledge, technique and experience.


A great way to do this is to start a blog and post regularly there about the intricacies of the type of training you specialise in, which will attract clients who are wanting to train in the same way. Setting up a Youtube channel and posting videos showcasing your technique is a great idea, as well as setting up a database to send out regular email newsletters. Basically any way that you can communicate your intense knowledge and passion for this niche market will be awesome for connecting with like-minded potential clients.


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