How to Set Up a Great Exhibition Stand at a Fitness Show or Event

Going to exhibitions and events is just one of the many fun things that makes working in the fitness industry so rewarding. Making the most of these events ultimately comes down to planning and preparation. Put in the time, and you can turn your next fitness show or event into a transformative opportunity for your fitness business!

To help you make the most of your next event, we’ve created this simple list of tips and tricks to make your exhibition stand something to remember.


1. Create a budget

Costs blow out easily, especially when you have big ideas. Start off by allocating a finite amount of money towards the event. This will help you decide what form your exhibition strategy will ultimately take. Paradoxically, working within a set of constraints is often very helpful in creative endeavours, so don’t worry if your budget seems small. Charisma and attitude are much more important in the long run!


2. Communicate with the event organiser

Talking with the organisers serves two purposes – networking with other industry figures, and figuring out exactly what the event entails. Who else will be there? What limitations are there for stand size? Where is the best place to set up? Ask any questions that you feel will help you to make the most of the event, and be prepared to negotiate.


3. Advertise the event

Social media, mailing lists and word of mouth are all effective ways of broadcasting your participation in an event or show. Inviting your customers to come and visit your stand gives you a great opportunity to engage with existing customers, and to network with their friends and colleagues. Ideally, you should try and liaise with the event organisers in order to maximise your promotion potential – if possible, associate your business name with event marketing materials to really make a splash.



4. Create a consistent look and feel

It goes without saying, but your entire stand, as well as your attire, should reflect the image associated with your fitness business’s brand. Logos, colour schemes and marketing materials should be tightly integrated to convey a cohesive and attractive image for your business. Make sure the presentation is just right by performing a ‘dry run’ before hand, that way, you can identify any visual or presentation issues before the big day.


5. Talk to the other attendees

While your team is setting up, take the time to have a walk around and meet with other participating businesses. This is a perfect opportunity to network with other business owners, so make sure you have plenty of business cards available. The links that you make at fitness events can prove hugely valuable to growing and expanding your business – life’s too short to be shy!


6. Have clearly defined goals

Why are you going to participate in this fitness event? Is it to drive up membership, or is it to advertise a new series of fitness bootcamps you’re offering? Whatever the reason, it is important to have some clearly stated goals in mind before preparing for any fitness show or event. These goals will come to shape your approach, and will provide a metric for determining the success of the whole endeavour. These goals don’t necessarily need to be concrete or easily measurable – the impacts of marketing are often hard to immediately quantify. However, they do need to be framed in a way that is achievable. Examples might include “We want to engage with at least 200 potential customers” or “We want to share 200 flyers, and sign up 10 new customers”.


7. Choose a solid team

Select the most charismatic and customer oriented members of your team – these are going to be the ambassadors for your brand, and should be properly briefed in the expectations and needs of this role.


8. Be positive

The key to really succeeding at any fitness event is showcasing your great attitude. People love engaging with happy, positive people, so make sure to bring your A-game!

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