Marketing High Intensity Training and Weightlifting to Women

One of the incredibly frustrating things about working in the fitness industry is dealing with the massive amount of misinformation out there. A lot of prospective trainees have all sorts of strange ideas about how fitness and training work, and these ideas are incredibly hard to break. One of the most pervasive pieces of misinformation is the idea that training can make women ‘masculine’ or ‘bulky’. A combination of steroid use amongst female bodybuilders, and advice peddled by women’s magazines has led to this becoming a fairly widely held belief.

As any trainer or athlete worth her salt knows, developing the level of lean mass required to look ‘bulky’ is incredibly difficult, even for women who are trying to achieve it!

This is especially problematic as research shows that HIIT and weight training are some of the most important tools that women can use to combat obesity, heart problems and osteoporosis – some of the biggest health issues which women face today.

Evidently, getting more women into HIIT and weight training is an important challenge which the fitness industry is facing today. So how do we go about doing it? Follow these simple steps to get more girls in the weightroom!


Look to the experts

There are a massive range of female HIIT and weightlifting bloggers and media personalities out there. Sharing articles from these social media influencers is a great way to help dispel damaging myths. To get you started, here is an article which lists 15 of the best female fitness blogs on the internet today!


Hire more female trainers

At the end of the day, the best way to get women doing HIIT and weight training is to offer them role models who can demonstrate the benefits! Hiring female staff is a great way to make female clients feel more comfortable and at ease in your gym – just look at the success of women only gyms like Fernwood. Like it or not, a lot of people see gyms and fitness facilities as male-oriented spaces. Changing this perception starts with bringing more women into the fold! Make the effort to improve gender representation in your staff, and you’ll be rewarded with a more diverse range of potential customers, which is always good for business.

Offer women’s’ weightlifting classes and workshops

More than seventy five percent of women want to be more active however, fear of judgement and other anxieties often prevent girls from starting out. In order to combat this, offering classes target at beginners, and specifically women, can be an easy way to reduce the level of stress and anxiety associated with trying a new, and often intimidating, form of exercise. Women’s only classes can be tailor made to accommodate people of various skill levels and ages, while offering a quick introduction to new training techniques.


Use social media

The beauty of social media lies in the ability to target specific sectors or groups of users with pinpoint accuracy. Create marketing materials which are catered towards a female demographic, and leverage your social media platforms to deliver this material to a female audience.


Encourage existing members

One of the really fun things about being a gym owner is the opportunity to interact with people every day, and to develop lasting relationships with your clients. Using these relationships to spread the gospel of HIIT and weightlifting is a really easy way to encourage your members to try out training techniques which they haven’t had the opportunity to be exposed to.


Emphasise the positives

As mentioned before, there is a massive level of misinformation surrounding women’s fitness. While educating the world can feel like an impossible task, even small gains can have pretty big flow on effects. Try and focus on the immediate benefits of weight training and HIIT, rather than trying to break down myths. People respond a lot better to positive information than to challenging their beliefs (however ill-founded they might be). Thankfully there are some really great resources out there that you can use to help point people in the right direction. Keep some good links, podcasts or even books on hand!


Embrace diversity in your gym by creating community

At Fitstop, we’re all about creating communities. The best way to create a real community is to be ready to encourage everyone to get the best out of their body and their fitness journey. If you feel like you share our passion, we want to hear from you! Head on down to  today and become a Fitstop owner today!

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